Servers and Network Information

We own and utilize 100% enterprise grade hardware, including Sun Fire series and Sun SPARC Enterprise Series.

ez4u Reseller Hosting and Shared Hosting plans are provisioned on top of the line Sun Fire X4000 series with hardware RAID controller and lots of RAM. We want to offer you the best services and we can achieve this, by choosing the best server hardware, Sun Servers.

One main difference from our "competitors" is the hardware that we use. We DO NOT transform desktops to servers. It is very important to realize the huge difference between desktop hardware and server hardware. Due to continuous growing of competition in the web hosting industry, many providers prefer to use low quality (extremely cheap) desktop hardware as servers. Although such hardware can be very reliable for home usage, it can not be used for 24/7/365 demanding and continuous operation. Imagine that these inferior "servers" are used to store your valuable data: emails, websites and databases.

Real enterprise servers are designed and manufactured for nonstop operation and are built to withstand hardware failure without a need to power off for hardware replacement. Server Grade Hardware includes such features as hot-swap disk drives, hot-swap memory modules, hot-swap cooling units as well as two hot swap power supplies.

Another issue is that some of our competitors choose to offer SATA storage instead of SCSI or SAS. This proves that they put revenue above quality in their hardware designing and offers. SATA storage, is designed for desktop usage and it is not intended to be used in a high I/O 24/7/365 environment. SATA can be used as storage for backups and data archival but it is not suitable productive usage. Each SATA disk at 7,2K RPM can respond to maximum 100 IOPS (Input/Output operations Per Second)* whereas a 15K SCSI or SAS disk can easily respond to 230+ IOPS (Input/Output operations Per Second)* Last but not least: All of our servers come with Cisco hardware firewall.

At ez4u we know and we can separate web-servers with database services. We are able to provide database hosting on completely separate physical equipment. We know what "Server Load" means, so we continuously monitor our servers and we DO NOT oversell our services. When "Server Load" reaches 50% in one server we are preparing our new server(s). Before reaching 70% all our new orders are held by the new server(s) and no new client is added to the first server. So we can assure you that we will provide you the same or better web hosting experience as when you first became our customer.

Every hosting plan includes Plesk Control panel and free billing software for reseller packages.

Our servers and network equipment are located in various datacenters in Europe and in the US.

We believe that our customers are not the same, so we are working with multiple datacenters located throughout the world.

Datacenter Level:

Physical security, redundant switches, routers, power systems, fire suppression systems and air conditioning systems.

Network Level:

24/7 monitoring, multiple providers, an Overlay Network that delivers your data to website visitors using the fastest and least congested path at any given point of time.

Server Level

We keep a supply of hard drives, network cards, processors, motherboards and every other piece of equipment that has even a remote chance of failure.

Data Level

We use a multiple-SCSI backup system for data storage and recovery.

Climate control is performed in every datacenter according to ETS 300019 class 3.1 Telecommunications Centers.

Each Datacenter Provides:

24x7x365 Onsite Staff
24x7x365 Remote Hands
24x7x365 Access
Video Surveillance
Onsite Security Guards
Conditioned and Back-up Power
Biometric Security Access