Quickstart Guide

Step 1

Find a domain you want to use for your site and register it. Click here for domain registration.

Step 2

If you're switching from an existing host you should leave that hosting active until your domain is switched and propagated to our network in these later steps below.

Step 3

Sign up using our instant signup order form.

Step 4

Use your login data we send you from step 1 to create some email accounts and start setting up your domain you will be using.

Step 5

Once your site is uploaded to our servers you should update your dns (domain name servers) to the ones we provide you in the setup email listed here.

Step 6

It will take 12-48 hours for dns updates to propagate throughout the world.

Step 7

Once your domain has propagated to our network you can begin using your own domain name to access your website. You can now close your hosting account at your previous provider if you switched to us from another provider.

Step 8

Contact us if you have any questions or need suggestions.